Total Resource Integration


PacArctic provides assistance to commercial and government organizations having administrative and project management needs.   PacArctic’s core capabilities are in the following service areas:

Acquisition and Program Management -  PacArctic incorporates federal acquisition management with program management as a set of methodologies to assess our customers’ assets for the most successful return on investment.  This requires a systematic type of architecture, leveraging technology to be able to manage the large volume of data needed for analysis and reporting.  Our methodology involves requirements definition, assessment and recommendations of contract performance, and technical and management direction, as it fits each of our client’s needs.

Our capabilities include:

Enterprise Resource Planning -  Enterprise resource planning integrates internal and external information management across an organization.  PacArctic uses a proven methodology to simplify the flow of information between all the business functions of an organization.   Our methodology provides a systematic and step-by-step process for managing projects from conception through implementation and sustainment. As part of this process, we analyze the existing environment design and construct business process improvements that drive meaningful change.  Our approach enables improvement and automates key business and financial processes.  We focus on customer/stakeholder demands, and work with decision makers to identify vertical and horizontal business functions for automation.  Our iterative and inclusive implementation methodology ensures that our clients have ownership of not only the final product, but also a solution that facilitates improved business processes.  Our core ERP capabilities include:

IT PMO Support - Federal Programs have a complex structure in the many operations that make up an organization.  Proper oversight of an enterprise that can carry out its mission and is aligned with the strategic long term goals needs the visibility and understanding of complex and cross-project components to be able to develop a cost effective and sustainable solution. PacArctic offers expertise with PMP and DAWIA certified professionals supporting government and private enterprises to provide the highest skilled personnel that analyze, develop, and deliver all of the fundamental attributes necessary to achieve maximum performance from all of its programs.  Our PMO core capabilities include:

IT Enterprise Planning & Investment - PacArctic provides Enterprise IT Solutions for clients that require expert support in designing, integrating and implementing IT projects across their network enterprise. We provide detailed and comprehensive support to various agencies seeking to implement enterprise-wide IT solutions and upgrades to increase our clients’ operational effectiveness in meeting mission requirements. Our expertise includes: requirements collection and validation, prototyping and configuration, customization and enhancement, deployment, and support.

IT Enterprise Planning & Investment Capabilities


GIS Services - More than 80% of all data has a geospatial (referring to a specific location on the earth) component that can enable a visual representation, mapping and geospatial analysis of information. Geospatial data and analysis supports many missions including national security, law enforcement, healthcare, the environment, and natural resource conservation.

PacArctic provides a wide range of Geospatial / Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions and services including geospatial portals, web-based distributed systems, geo-enablement/integration of GIS with existing systems, end to end Common Operational Picture (COP) solutions, geospatial database design and management. Our objective is to efficiently design, develop and manage the most suitable geospatial solution for our customers resulting in revenue enhancements, savings and operations improvement.  GIS capabilities include:

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – IV&V is a beneficial tool in being able to identify, manage and eliminate the risks of an IT project.  PacArctic employs system engineers to analyze and process the data used to reduce cost and risk throughout the software investment lifecycle.  By employing our methodology that includes quality assurance (QA), IV&V, configuration management (CM), and continuous evaluation, we can ensure our customers understand the requirements for a successful project and account for potential unknown variables prior to project maturation.  As part of the IV&V process, our approach is comprised of:


541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting

561210 – Facility Support Services

541219 – Other Accounting Services

541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services

541620 – Environmental Consulting Services

541613 – Marketing Consulting Services

561612 – Physical Security (Security Guards and Patrol Services)

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